Our Professional Philosophy

Since 1997, our PhD and MD scientific reviewers have provided science-driven, professional, and confidential revision service for thousands of investigators worldwide, including those whose native language is not English.

Like you, we are scientists dedicated to communicating experimental results in an accurate, clear, and concise manner, and we understand the need to maximize your success in obtaining funding and publishing your work.

We help you meet the formidable challenges of the peer-review process and submit your papers and grant proposals with confidence. Our scientific writing service enhances the quality and impact of your publications—and hence your professional recognition—throughout the global science community.

We cover a broad range of disciplines in the biological sciences


The BiomEditor Advantage

  • Our comprehensive, no-nonsense, scientific revision service includes science content, data analysis, and presentation of your data and results, including aspects of scientific rationale, logic flow, and cohesiveness. We identify potential ambiguities in your interpretation and provide critique and comments as necessary.
  • We make corrections for English grammar and revise for consistent use of terms—ensuring that your writing is both clear and concise. We also verify that your manuscript conforms to the journal’s general style guidelines.
  • Our Analysis Document details issues that may need further improvement and provides substantive guidance on content-related issues that we feel may arise during peer review. Such issues may include incompleteness of detail in the description of your data, results, or techniques, or practical aspects such as manuscript length.
  • In most cases, two BiomEditor scientists participate in each revision.
  • Our in-depth revision typically requires approximately 7–10 days.